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Explore your spirituality through the New York Stock Exchange

BUY PRAY SELL connects the fortune cat, a figurine that was originated from Southeast Asia over a century ago, to the New York Stock Exchange Composite Index. These figurines are often found at the front of shops, restaurants, as well as casinos. This object brings together the world of east coast Wall Street and the west coast "spiritual style," as LA Times called it. 

The modified object hacks the fortune cat and connects its swinging arm, which was supposed to bring in fortune, to the rise and fall of the New York Stock Exchange Composite Index - when the index increases, the swing is gentle; when the index is freefalling, the swing is rampant. The eyes of the cat are replaced by ultrasonic distance sensors. The uncontrollable swings of the arm triggered by market selloffs can only be slowed down by getting on your knees and praying. 

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